L'orchidee Macaron Tower (240)

L'orchidee Macaron Tower (240)


Elegant, indulgent and highly fashionable, This Macaron tower will add a WOW factor to your event, whether you are celebrating a birthday party, a corporate event or a wedding, this brightly colored macarons will make your event unforgettable.

Our incredibly tasty macarons are handmade using the best quality ingredients including organic almonds and Belgian chocolate to create mouth-watering flavors, you can choose up to 4 different colors and flavors to match your event theme, After placing your order please check our macaron gallery section and choose the colors and flavors suitable for you. just email us quoting your order number and your preferred colors.

The tower contains 240 macarons arranged as followed:

  • 1st tier - 5 Macarons
  • 2nd tier - 10 Macarons
  • 3rd tier - 14 Macarons
  • 4th tier - 18 Macarons
  • 5th tier - 22 Macarons
  • 6th tier - 27 Macarons
  • 7th tier - 31 Macarons
  • 8th tier - 35 Macarons
  • 9th tier - 38 Macarons
  • 10th tier- 42 Macarons

Delivery information: Please note that we can only deliver from Tuesday to Friday, select the delivery date to be 1 or 2 days before the event as the macarons last 7 days and must be refrigerated at all times before the event, once place on the tower on the day of the events it will last up to 12 hours in room temperature in perfect conditions.

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All our cakes are freshly baked to order, please pre-order 3 days in advance of the collection or delivery date required.

London only delivery
In store collection
Allergens in bold
Almonds, Dairy , Eggs, Nuts
TOTAL   £260.00

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